Richard Taylor



An experienced, dedicated, detailed-oriented technology and management professional with a career reflecting strong leadership qualifications coupled with “hands on” technology experience.  Knowledgeable in the design, development, implementation, support, and management of computer systems.  Focused on achieving results while utilizing advanced technologies and business solutions to meet a variety of needs. Superior record of delivering large-scale projects on time and under budget.

Application Development Software Engineering Leadership
Application Architecture/Software Engineering Business Solutions
System analysis and design Project Management
Problem analysis and resolution Budgeting
Systems administration Contract Negotiations
IT Strategic Planning Vendor Relations



Computer Languages:

C#, Visual Basic.NET, SQL, JavaScript, jQuery, HTML, Visual Basic, VB Script, C, C++, Java, UML



.NET Framework (1.1, 2.0, 3.0, 3.5, 4.X), .NET Standard, .NET Core, ASP.NET Web Forms, ASP.NET MVC, Knockout, Web Services, WCF, Web API, AJAX, AmplifyJS, ADO.NET, CSS, XML/XSLT, ADO, ODBC, ASP, VBA, Cold Fusion, IIS, TCP/IP, Xamarin


Development Tools:

Visual Studio, TFS, VSTS, Visual Source Safe, MSBuild, MSTest, NUnit, Progress(Telerik), KendoUI


Operating Systems:

Windows Desktop, Windows Server, OS/2, Linux



MS SQL Server, MSDE, Sybase, MS Access, Oracle


Reporting Tools:

Crystal Reports, MS SQL Server Reporting Services, eWebReports



SentryOne - Huntersville, NC

Vice President Of Platform and Cloud Engineering

August 2017 - Present

Leading the software engineering team responsible for developing and delivering innovative and high-quality products.


Logical Advantage - Charlotte, NC

Technical Lead

February 2015 - July 2017

Was a member of a highly skilled development team delivering software solutions utilizing the following technologies: 


SQL Server








As a team member, I was required to develop software at all levels of the modern software stack. (Front-end, API, and data store)  I also consulted and provided solutions to overall software architecture and user experience which involved deep research into tool-set capabilities, reviewing trends and best practices, and development of prototypes. 

Worked on an enterprise print management system for a large international label manufacturer.  Daily responsibilities included development of new features, code management, architectural decisions, and mentoring less experienced developers. 

Previously contributed to a large web application development project in the insurance industry.  Daily responsibilities included developing new features, code reviews, code performance research, source code management with Git, architectural decisions, user experience consulting, new technology research/integration, and mentoring less experienced developers.


New Oak Software, LLC - Huntersville, NC

President / Founder

February 2013 - Present

New Oak Software, LLC is a software development firm that creates software products in the area of personal financial management and business administration.  Our firm also provides software development consulting and product development to assist our clients in meeting their business objectives.  


AMTdirect (Asset Management Technologies, Inc. – Cornelius, NC)

VP of Information Technology/Head of Software Development/Lead Software Architect

April 2007 – February 2013

Responsible for all software development, software development resources, IT support, and research and development of technologies at AMTdirect, a SaaS company that provides real estate management software.

Designed, developed, and maintain a comprehensive object oriented reusable framework using C# and VB.NET that represents core business objects in AMTdirect’s problem domain.  This facilitated efficient creation of new features by the development team and decreases our time to market.

Designed and developed an extensible framework for integrating eWebReports into AMTdirect’s platform which facilitated a world class end user reporting module.

Introduced Team Foundation Server, continuous integration and automated unit testing into the source code management and build processes that resulted in immediate identification of bugs introduced during development.  As a result, the number of bugs reaching production was greatly reduced.

Introduced jQuery, AJAX, and web services as a way to perform efficient client-side updates and complex validations without postbacks which greatly enhanced the user experience.

Designed and developed architectural and coding guidelines to assist the team with producing consistent and easily supportable code which resulted in decreasing our development delivery timeframes.

Successfully lead the development and delivery of numerous major product releases and updates that have had a direct impact to AMTdirect’s financial success.

Introduced and lead the successful adoption of the SCRUM development process.  This included educating the organization, organizational changes, and facility changes.  This effort resulted in an increase of development output by over 100%.

Created a comprehensive screening process for candidates desiring to join AMTdirect’s development team.  The process includes skill assessments, interview techniques, and diversified feedback.

Established internal software development and application change controls that help facilitate the successful completion of annual SAS70 Type 2/SSAE 16 audits without any exceptions.

Effectively managed the business relationships with our third party IT support vendor and our production hosting vendor.  This also included our business continuity plans and infrastructure capacity planning.  


AMTdirect (Asset Management Technologies, Inc. – Cornelius, NC)

Senior Developer/Lead Developer/Software Architect

February 2006 – April 2007

Responsible for the design and development of new features for AMTdirect’s SaaS product for real estate management. Designed and developed a new Facilities Management module that allows clients to manage all maintenance needs for their managed properties.  The solution consisted of a tier architecture using VB.NET, ASP.NET, .NET 2.0 framework, SQL 2005, AJAX, and JavaScript. As Lead Developer, trained and mentored other developers in using .NET, ASP.NET, and AJAX to deliver new features.  Also performed detailed code reviews of the work of others to ensure proper design and function.  


Secured Title, LLC (Charlotte, NC)

IT Director/Software Developer

November 2003 – February 2006

Responsible for the technology infrastructure and software development within Secured Title, LLC., a real estate settlement service provider.  Duties included design, development, deployment, and support of custom applications to support key business objectives. Reduced costs and increased efficiency by developing a custom invoicing system used to pay our 3rd party service providers.  This application is a windows forms application that was created using Visual Basic.NET and ADO.NET.  In addition to the VB.NET code, extensive stored procedures were created to retrieve and store data from a MS-SQL Server 2000 database. Increased efficiency by creating several web forms applications using ASP.NET, Visual Basic.NET, ADO.NET, and Transact-SQL that tracked our 3rd party service providers and their service requests.  Via these applications, employees are able to quickly ascertain the status of requests, track process, and communicate via fax or email to all parties involved with an order.  Managers are able to utilize this application to make critical decisions in real-time on the allocation of resources. Developed several web forms and windows forms applications to schedule closings with email and fax confirmations, upload closing packages to our website, and to notify our customers and closers that packages were available for download.  These applications were developed using ASP.NET, Visual Basic.NET, ADO.NET, and stored procedures written in Transact-SQL on MS-SQL Server 2000. Built a web based management reporting system that collects data from various sources to provide decision support.  This system was developed using a combination of ASP.NET, Visual Basic.NET and ADO.NET.  


Crime Prevention Inc (Charlotte, NC)

Central Station Supervisor

April 2002 – November 2003

Responsible for the daily management of a team of central station operators responding to a large volume of residential and commercial fire, medical, and burglar alarms. Assisted customers via telephone with technical problems with their alarm systems. Reduced costs by developing a web-based time tracking application using ASP and MS SQL Server. The application records time worked for hourly employees and provides bi-weekly reporting for payroll processing.  In addition, the application tracks holiday pay and employee bonuses. Simplified key central station process by developing a web-based sales demonstration log application using ASP and MS SQL Server.  The application records the operator who conducts a sales demonstration, the salesperson, the time, and the result of the demonstration.  Web-based sales reports are produced from the application for management to measure and track sales activity. Increased efficiency of central station by developing several spreadsheets in Excel that were used to monitor daily installations.  These spreadsheets connected to our automation software and MS SQL Server to retrieve needed information.  As a result of the use of these spreadsheets, accurate management reports were produced and distributed daily.  


CompConTech/Microsoft Developer Support (Charlotte, NC)

Technical Router

May 2002 - September 2002

Responsible for assisting software developers with technical issues they encountered using Microsoft software development products. Provided first level support by performing initial troubleshooting with developer, reviewed code, examined product and/or system configuration, determined root cause of the issue and delivered technical solutions accurately and timely. Technologies supported: MS Visual Studio .NET(VB.NET, VC#.NET, VC++.NET, ASP.NET), MS Visual Studio 6.0 (VB, C++, Interdev, SourceSafe), MS SQL Server(6.5, 7.0, 2000), IIS, Exchange, and Windows (XP, 2000, ME, 98)


Independent Consultant

Software Developer/Technology Consultant

August 2001 – April 2003

Design, development and support of a customized Internet web browser written in Visual Basic 6.0. The web browser is given to visitors, new members, and/or anyone requesting information about Faith Bible Church and the local area. Technology used: Visual Basic, Internet connectivity, web, and email capabilities.

Design, development and support of a donor tracking application written in Visual Basic 6.0. This application is used to track donations to the emergency food and clothing ministry. Technology used: Visual Basic, ADO, Access database.

Consulting various leaders on the use of technology to support their ministries. This included business process improvement, hardware and software technologies, Internet connectivity, application development, and user training.


Bank of America Inc. (Charlotte, NC)

Vice President/Manager of Software Development, Design and Technology

October 2000 – July 2001

Lead a team of information technology professionals within the Information Security department in designing and developing an enterprise wide security access provisioning system (BMC Control-SA) for all current and future technology platforms.  Responsibilities included, architectural design of system platform, development and management of production operation and support infrastructure, evaluation of new technologies and developed plans for future use, system administration of platform utilizing Sun Solaris, and managed software development of custom applications.  


Bank of America Inc. (Charlotte, NC)

Vice President/Developer/Team Leader

November 1999 – October 2000

Lead a team of developers building a thin client Java application for the Leaves Administration Team.  Responsibilities included, business process assessment, requirement analysis, project management, development of team standards for product delivery, development and analysis of use cases and use case diagrams, technical specifications, system design and architecture, system testing, implementation, and overall management of the team.  


Atlantic Technology Group, Inc. (Charlotte, NC)

President/Sr. Consultant

August 1996 – December 1999

Developed an E-commerce Web application using Cold Fusion, Microsoft Internet Information Server, Windows NT server and MS SQL Server 6.5. Supported and hosted eight websites utilizing my application. Installed and configured two Linux servers running Sendmail and DNS support and three Windows NT servers running IIS 4.0, MS SQL Server 6.5, and Cold Fusion. Performed Linux and Windows NT system administration, website design, network support, and Internet support. Also monitored and tuned performance of Windows NT, IIS 4.0, Linux, and MS SQL Server 6.5.  


Bank of America Inc. (Charlotte, NC)

Vice President/Developer/Team Leader

January 1999 – November 1999

Responsibilities included developing client/server applications using Visual Basic, ActiveX Data Objects, and PL/SQL.  Designed and developed several interfaces between several client/server systems, an application to track displaced associates between our payroll system and staffing system, and interfaces from the staffing system to a mainframe job posting system and a career development web site. Developed a system administration tool that allowed the support staff to easily manage duplicate database records.  Also was responsible for leading the Support Team which involved establishing priorities, working with clients, and mentoring team members.  Other responsibilities included consulting staffing group on system utilization, enhancements, changes, and scalability.  


NationsBank Inc. (Charlotte, NC)

Vice President/Staffing Process Project Technical Team Lead

August 1997 – December 1998

Designed technical infrastructure for new client/server Staffing system (Restrac), which includes hardware specifications for HP9000 HP-UX systems, disk storage requirements, network bandwidth requirements, several Windows NT application servers, remote access methods, contingency plans, reporting platforms (Crystal Info Server), kiosks systems, interface to Peoplesoft HRIS system, interface to legacy mainframe system, interface to corporate website, standard operating procedures, and change management systems.  Also worked on the development of the data conversion plan for migrating from the existing Restrac and Resumix systems and developed change control scripts to automate the roll out of the new system to 500+ desktop computers. Responsibilities also included managing a technical team conducting the technical implementation, data conversion, interface implementation, and roll out of the new client/server Staffing system (Restrac).  


NationsBank Inc. (Charlotte, NC)

Vice President/Staffing Technology Consultant

July 1996 – July 1998

Responsible for consulting Staffing (Management Recruiting, Employment, Staffing Practices, and EEO Compliance Group) in the utilization of technology to conduct their business.  Developed and presented business assessments and recommend solutions for technology needs to Staffing management.  Created the Staffing Technology Team which consists of a Staffing Technology Helpdesk that provides systems and end user support for 450 associates in the Staffing group, Technology Training Team that provides technology training for the Staffing group, Production Team that is responsible for processing data input into the Restrac recruiting system, and the Information Delivery Team that provides standard and adhoc report development.  Consulted with Staffing senior management to develop our Internet recruiting strategies and develop technical interfaces from our current systems to support our Internet recruiting efforts.  Also responsible for the design of an interface from our Restrac system to our future Peoplesoft system, interfaces from our Restrac system to our compensation and relocation systems, video conferencing strategies for Staffing group, kiosks systems that will be utilized in our Staffing offices, and a datamart with reporting tools to help Staffing meet their business objectives.  


NationsBank Inc. (Charlotte, NC)

Asst. Vice President/Systems Administrator

February 1995 – June 1996

Installed, managed, and supported Restrac imaging/recruiting system on a HP9000 Series 800 midrange computer running HPUX and Sybase SQL server.  Also managed a dedicated Novell file server that held resume data.  Responsibilities included the management of a support team of twelve persons responsible for input of data into imaging system, support of client software and hardware, database maintenance, backup, recovery, user access, and security, custom programming of utilities to manage data downloads from mainframe systems, custom report writing for senior management, automated correspondence from applicant database, systems integration with other company systems for sharing of data, and interface development for connectivity to the Internet.  


NationsBank Inc. (Atlanta, GA)

Integration Analyst

November 1993 - January 1995

Integrated new systems into the bank's Wide Area Network.  Responsibilities included development of requirements summary, design of new file servers to meet standards, network conversions from IBM LAN Servers to Novell file servers, and configuration and installation of new systems.  Also helped develop the bank's standard for NetWare for SAA gateways.  


Prisym Technologies Inc.

Network Engineer

March 1993 - November 1993

Designed, installed, and maintained Novell networks for various clients.  Topologies include ethernet, arcnet, and token ring.  Also implemented several WAN links and installed remote access capabilities to local area networks.  Provided complete hardware/software support of file servers and their clients.  


LASI (LAN Application Specialist Inc.)

Systems Engineer

October 1992 - February 1993

Configured, installed, and maintained local area networks of various sizes and capacities. Performed network troubleshooting and implemented appropriate solutions for various network problems.  Installed and maintained various communication packages that allowed remote access to and fax capabilities from local area networks.  Complete hardware/software support of file servers and workstations.  



University of North Carolina at Charlotte (Charlotte, NC) Major: Computer Science Minor: Math

Howard University – Washington D.C. Major: Computer Systems Engineering 

CNE Certification from NOVELL

HP System Administrator Training

SQL Programming (Fast Track to Sybase)

Sybase System Administration

Sybase Performance Tuning

C++ Development, (Technology Training)

Java Development, (Technology Training)

Visual Basic Development, (Technology Training)

Object Oriented Analysis using UML (Technology Training)



ACM (Association for Computing Machinery)

Enterprise Developer’s Guild (Local Charlotte Developers Organization)



Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP)

Progress (Telerik) Developer Expert